Enterprise Publishing on WordPress.com VIP

This talk is designed for publishers, in-house developers, and consultants interested in learning about the WordPress.com VIP platform.

We will provide an overview of where WordPress.com VIP fits within the overall WordPress ecosystem and what types of publishers are well suited for the platform. We’ll cover the key benefits for publishers and developers, compare a typical self-hosted WordPress implementation to one on WordPress.com VIP, and take a surface-level look at some of the technical nuances for running a site in this incredibly flexible yet controlled environment.

Whether you are considering a migration to WordPress, exploring a switch to enterprise-level hosting, or just curious to learn more about what this VIP thing is all about, this talk should be a valuable resource.

Christopher Murray is the President of Oomph, Inc., a full-service web agency with extensive experience working with publishers on the WordPress.com VIP platform.

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