Helping Your Small Business Client Take On Maintaining Their Own Site

Okay, so the new WordPress site you have developed for Joe’s Tax Service is just about done.  The site looks great, works great.  Joe will be happy.  Only one problem: Joe doesn’t have many clients yet, and won’t be making a profit for a while.  So, instead of paying you to enhance and maintain the site after it goes live, he wants to try to do that himself.  Joe is a bright guy, but has only marginal computer skills, and no experience with WordPress.  What to do?

You could hand over the administrator’s login name and password to Joe, grab your developer’s fee, head for the hills, and hope for the best.  But this scenario probably won’t end well for either Joe or you.

In this session we will explore a different approach, providing practical advice on how to:

  • Begin the process of handing over the site to Joe when you start developing the site, not when you are ready to launch it;
  • Build the site in a way that gives Joe the best shot at successfully maintaining the site on a day-to-day basis;
  • Prepare Joe for the task at hand, without investing weeks of your time training Joe in “all things WordPress”; and,
  • Give Joe some cost-effective options to obtain help if and when he needs it.

Let’s make this a very interactive session.  Bring your problems, bring your war stories, and bring your success stories, too!

Jonathan May is a freelance Web Marketer with, which specializes in helping new and small businesses to enhance their Web presence via WordPress Websites, Search Engine Optimization, and e-mail marketing campaigns.

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