Late Registration Begins July 9th

(Late for work, by Photo Extremist, cc-by-nd license)

Just a few quick updates on registration as we head into Independence Day weekend:

  1. Regular registration will end on July 8th. At that point we will switch over to “late registration” which will mean:
    • Late registering attendees will not be in the T-Shirt order. We will offer late registrants access to whatever shirts remain after regular registrants, but sizes and inventory will be limited at that point.
    • Late registering attendees may not be accounted for with catering. Again, we will offer late registrants lunch after regular registrants are served, but again selection may be limited.
    • Late registrants will not be able to prepay for parking. It is possible that pay-on-entry parking will be available at the event, but prepaid parking will no longer be available after July 8th.
  2. We’ve raised the pre-paid parking cost to $8/day already. We have some additional parking costs we had not accounted for, so we’re raising the rate to more accurately represent the costs. (If you’ve already purchased parking at $6/day, we’re not coming after you for the difference – thank you for registering early).

If you haven’t yet registered, what are you waiting for?

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