Managing The Multi-Voice Blog

Corporate and organizational blogs are at their richest when they encompass a multitude of voices, when it’s not just marketing or communications writing, but engineering, administrative, and front-line staff contributing to the organization’s story. For nonprofits, educational, and cultural organizations, blogs’ voices increase even more to include patrons, clients, and members.

  • With this richness of voices come challenges for blog editors and community managers.
  • How do you maintain consistency of message?
  • Should you impose strict editorial guidelines, or trust the community? How do you enforce standards without stifling creativity?
  • How much support do you offer to bloggers, and how do you offer that support: is it ongoing, training-based, or a combination of the two?
  • Should there be a common tone, or are wide variations in voice the norm and more authentic?
  • When is it good to offer structure?
  • and how do you get good content?

In this interactive session, we’ll look at the different types of multi-voice blog and how to manage them. This talk and breakout session will explore the challenges of both blogs open to a wide public, and those where specific roles within an organization are assigned to blog. Bring your challenges as a blog manager/editor/community manager. There will be a lecture, followed by an interactive Q&A session addressing specific challenges.

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