Expert Zone

WordCamp Boston 2011 will feature an Expert Zone where you can get answers to your WordPress questions. The Expert Zone will be staffed throughout the weekend by speakers, organizers, and volunteers, including many of the fine folks who help make WordPress!

When you visit the Expert Zone, please check in with the concierge rather than going up to a particular Expert’s table. Different Experts have different backgrounds and expertise, so the concierge can help direct you to an appropriate Expert. If it’s particularly busy, try stopping by later in the day.



9:30am Mike Susz, Greg Cornelius, Boaz Sender, Aaron Jorbin
10:15am Ellie Roepken, Jake Rainis, Reiko Beach, Tom Catalini
11:00am Sara Cannon, Fredrick Townes, Christina Dulude, Wes Lindamood
11:45am (until lunch) John James Jacoby, David Wells, Chris Penn
2:00pm Kelly Dwan, Alan Bergstein, Brad Williams
2:45pm Jon Bishop, Kyle Dickson, Brad Williams, K. Adam White
3:30pm Marc Lavallee, Daryl Koopersmith, Hanna Arnold, Aaron Jorbin
4:15pm Jay Collier, Ellie Roepken, Joselin Mane, D.K. Smith


1:00pm Niki Brown, Casie Gillette, Andrew Norcross
1:45pm Brian Casel, Dan Collis-Puro, Sam Napolitano
2:30pm Ross Beyeler, Jonathan May, Sara Cannon
3:45pm Christina Inge, Mike Susz, Jake Goldman
4:30pm Margot Bloomstein, Doug Yuen, Andrew Nacin
5:15pm Daryl Koopersmith, John Resig, John James Jacoby

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