SEO Myths & WP Magic Session

Do you know which of these are true and which are false?

  • Keyword density should be ~ 10%
  • Site speed impacts rankings
  • Content is King
  • Paid links = Evil
  • PPC helps SEO rankings

If you answered yes, well, you probably don’t need to come to this session. But if you said no or you just want to hear someone else’s take, come on in!

There are a ton of myths out there when it comes to SEO and not only are we are going to talk about them, we’re going to talk about what you can do with WordPress to help your site’s SEO efforts.

See real world examples, ask questions, learn what really matters to the search engines & maybe leave with a few tools and plugins you hadn’t heard of.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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One Response to SEO Myths & WP Magic Session

  1. Thanks for sharing this insightful video on SEO myths. SEO in 2012 and beyond will be a lot different than it used to be. I expect that Social Media will be playing a much larger role. Not sure where Google will be going with Google +, but it seems it may take another few years until Google also dominates the social media sphere. Nowadays, it really comes down to build trust and transparency on the internet.