Simplifying Your Life With WordPress Multisite

The multisite feature of WordPress has been part of WordPress core since version 3.0. It allows site administrators to run several different websites off of a single codebase, and manage them through one dashboard.

In practical terms, this means that you, as a site administrator, can share plugins and themes across all the sites in your network. There is no need to download and install them on each site individually. And when it comes to updating your WordPress core, plugins and themes, you need only do it in one place.

In this presentation, we’ll learn the nuts and bolts of how to configure an out-of-the-box WordPress install for multisite functionality. We’ll discuss why you’d want to run your organization’s WordPress sites as a network (or why not). And finally, we’ll look at some real-life examples of WordPress multisite in action, focusing on sites in higher education.

This session is intended for site administrators, particularly those responsible for managing several WordPress sites within their organization or business.

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9 Responses to Simplifying Your Life With WordPress Multisite

  1. Sachiko says:

    Is this related to multi-author sites? or are they different?

  2. This presentation is about running many sites off of a single WordPress installation. The function is also called “networked sites” or “networked blogs” in WordPress 3. It’s basically the next generation of WordPress MU, if you’re familiar with that.

  3. Andrea_R says:

    Good luck with the presentation .;)

  4. Joshua Kim says:

    Hi Christina,
    Are you slides available online?
    ~ JK ~

  5. Thanks, Andrea! And thanks for coming!

  6. Andrea_R says:

    Actually, I’m not there. 😉 Just keen on seeing more women speak, especially about more technical uses like multisite.

  7. Oh, funny! Well, thanks for being here in spirit. 🙂

  8. Thanks, all, for attending my presentation! Slides are posted, here: