10up is a leading web development and strategy agency that emphasizes great user experiences and simple content management.

Our secret to making first class websites is simple: create great user experiences for everyone from the website’s audience, to the content managers and code contributors behind the scenes. We believe that content management – the process of keeping your website fresh and up to date – shouldn’t require any more expertise than word processing. We strive to make content management more than “manageable” – we strive to make it fun.

With that mission in mind, it’s no surprise that 10up specialize in awesome WordPress implementations. We believe WordPress is the easiest to use content management system, with a low cost of entry and unbelievable potential in the hands of the right developers.

Team 10up has built some of the most popular WordPress plug-ins on the repository, speaks at conferences around the country, writes for leading web publications like Smashing Magazine, and organizes the nearby Providence WordPress Meetup. 10up has been the force behind some of the most popular WordPress-powered websites on the Internet.

Whether you’re an enterprise WordPress.com VIP client like TechCrunch, a high traffic enthusiast blog like 9to5 Mac, a famous rock musician, a creative agency serving a huge production company, or just a small business owner looking for an affordable and elegant presence, 10up is here to bring you up a level.

Be sure to catch 10up’s owner, Jake Goldman, in the How To track on Sunday, introducing WordPress as a CMS!