WordCamp Boston 2011 will be held at the George Sherman Union at Boston University.

Photo by WallyG, cc-by-nc-nd license

The GSU is at 775 Commonwealth Avenue, and is accessible via the Green Line “B” Branch at the “BU Central” stop.

5 Responses to Venue

  1. Kara says:

    FYI — the address for the GSU is 775 Comm Ave. It is listed as 755 Comm Ave under the photo.

  2. Question – where is the parking?

    I paid for it already, but am not seeing specifics either in the email or on the site. There are so many lots owned by BU that it could be just about anywhere!


    • John says:

      We haven’t yet announced as we are still confirming with BU which lot we will use, which in part was dependent on how many passes we sold.

      Look for an announcement here (and in email) this week.

      • Thanks. Looking forward to Word Camp. It will be like a new-age revival tent meeting for us nerds…testifying about the true Word(press)!

        Thanks to you and all the organizers for all your hard work.