WordCamp Boston Reception Featuring LiveWP.tv!

Now that the hard part of planning a WordCamp is over, we get to focus on the fun stuff: the party!  We wanted food, we wanted beer and we wanted an awesome place to mingle and we have all that!  Throw in some entertainment and we have ourselves a fun night after a really long day of WordCamp.  Here are the details:

What to bring:

 Your badge!  This is your ticket in!  Some business cards won’t hurt either!  And your ID (passport, license) if you plan on imbibing some tasty beverages.


7:30pm on Saturday July 23rd


Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.  Really great venue and it is the same venue we use for the Boston WordPress Meetup.  They have been a great sponsor in the past and we can’t say enough about them.  We will be on the 11th floor so check in with registration in the lobby and again on the 11th floor desk.

There is parking available underneath Microsoft and it is $10. If you are using public transportation from BU, take the Green Line inbound to Park Street and transfer to the Red Line towards Alewife and get off at Kendall Square. Walking directions can be found here: Google Maps


We will have an assortment of finger food/appetizers as well as a cash bar with beverages both alcoholic (beer/wine) and non-alcoholic. Remember, first come, first serve!


LiveWP.tv will be filming a live episode of their show at the reception. LiveWP.tv is a live WordPress show that “truthfully” discusses the hottest topics like plugins, themes, updates, other WordPress news. We put truthfully in quotes because we drink during our shows and anything goes! You can check prior episodes on our site. There may be some giveaways… but we’ll see…

We will also have music from our Music Coordinator: Daryl Koopersmith who also happens to be a speaker!

So come on out, have a great time and relax! WordCamp starts back at 1pm on Sunday so drink* and you’ll have plenty of time to recover for the awesome talks the next day!

*Please drink responsibly for those over 21. You may be filmed and by attending, you agree to be filmed (although you probably won’t end up on camera). Please don’t drink and drive and choose a designated driver if you plan on coming! Thanks and be safe!


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One Response to WordCamp Boston Reception Featuring LiveWP.tv!

  1. Fantastic. Love the enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to see you and James in the big room!