WordPress Security – Facts & Fiction

More than one million WordPress sites were cracked last year.  Was your site or your client’s site among  them?

Effective WordPress security requires much more than a few plugins.  This candid discussion will review the foundational levels of “The Multiple Layers of Security” methods we implement for clients and our internal sites.  Facts and fiction include: how WordPress sites get cracked, examples of hacked sites, simple coding to help secure a site, and more.

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This talk will cover basic security that all levels of WordPress users can implement.  It won’t be overly technical however; designers and developers will get more than enough information to adequately secure a typical client site.  I will be taking specific questions afterwards and I’m always available online as well, just hit me up anytime!

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3 Responses to WordPress Security – Facts & Fiction

  1. DK scared the crap – or maybe just the complacency – out me me. Great things to think about that maybe as designers, coders, and content creators we don’t always consider. Can’t wait to see what he posts on his site!

  2. Movies says:

    I am also looking forward for the article to add multiple security layers to my weblogs.

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