WordPress Theme Construction

The goal of this talk is to leave you with a thorough understanding of how a WordPress theme comes together, from its component files to the critical blocks of code necessary and the function they provide.

The Foundation

What are the files necessary to make a WordPress theme, and how do they work together to serve your Pages and Posts? We’ll start with the bare essentials.

The Building Blocks

Next we’ll examine the essential pieces of code that make everything happen, and how template parts let you organize blocks of code logically.

Expanding the Structure

How the WordPress Template Architecture allows you to build out custom templates for different types of content.

A Quick Remodel

How using a Child Theme lets you modify a theme without actually modifying a theme!

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One Response to WordPress Theme Construction

  1. andipandi says:

    Will there be any insights into adding admin interfaces that interact with your theme? (color, featured post, variables…)