You’re doing it wrong and it’s all my fault: dissecting the client relationship

Clients are SCARY

Anyone who makes a living with WordPress has dealt with a bad client relationship. We as as designers / developers understand that clients don’t always understand exactly what it is that we do, but have any of us taken the time to understand what roles they should (and shouldn’t) play in the process? What I plan on going through are some humorous examples real-life examples of issues I’ve run into in the 2 years of full-time freelance work and some of the audience stories (if time allows). Taking some of those examples, walking through the process and what could have possibly been done to avoid the issue, or at least make it a bit easier. I will also be breaking down potentially “problem” clients into 3 categories, Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics. Each one has their own red flags, and ways to avoid some common mistakes with how they operate.

And I’ll probably make a bacon reference or two.

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